I was acting on behalf of an incapacitated family member, and worked with Andrew to sell their home. I found him to be the utmost professional with a level of compassion that did not go unnoticed.

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Hull, MA

Our Story

My childhood home

Hanging out with the Buddha 🙂

Hi there! I’m Cass, one of our team leaders here at Homevisor.

Like for many Americans, 2009 was a turning point in my life. I was coming of age during the Great Recession, when both of my parents lost their jobs. Soon after, the home I’d grown up in was forced into foreclosure, throwing our lives completely off balance.

I vividly remember the stress, frustration, and chaos that arises when one’s house turns into a burden. I remember how trapped my parents felt because they were too embarrassed to ask for help. I remember the looming threat of having to relocate and leave my friends at school.

Now, almost thirteen years later, I am a license real estate agent and homebuying specialist. I focus on helping sellers with home-related challenges of their own.

I’ve partnered with our amazing team here at Homevisor because I genuinely believe we can (and do) make a positive difference in Homeowners’ lives, and that we give sellers the knowledge and opportunities that my family never had.

Our Mission

“There are people that fish and those who just disturb the water.”

My name is Mark Woodbury, and I am a top-producing agent at Cameron Real Estate Group — a brokerage of 300+ professionals here in Greater Boston.

My team and I started Homevisor when we saw that something wasn’t right in our industry. Home sellers had become fed up with real estate investors, flippers, and developers because of their lowball offers and high-pressure marketing tactics. What’s more, many of the folks who advertised themselves as real estate professionals had never bought a single house.

We decided to differentiate ourselves as the No-Pressure Homebuyers by doing the exact opposite of what everyone else was doing. Instead of low-balling to hopefully score a few home run deals, we focused on making fair, competitive cash offers to sellers. Instead of pressuring people to sell to us, we focused on giving folks a variety of options — such as repair assistance or a listing with a Homevisor agent — to fit their goals.

Homevisor has become one of Boston’s top real estate listing and homebuying teams because we focus on doing the right thing. As a business, we make the most money buying properties, fixing them up, and then renting or reselling them to a new family. It would be great for our bottom line if we did this with every single property.

But we don’t, because each client has a unique situation. So our pledge is this: we will advise you honestly, even when it’s not in our best interest. That is what integrity means to us.

Our Puppers (Sorry, We Had To)

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, the process of selling a house, or how can help you in cases of foreclosure, probate, divorce, liens, or other issues — or you just want to learn more about us — don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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